Everyone likes to collect a shiny shell on the beach, see a shiny star in the sky, or find a shiny coin on the ground. The tooth fairy loves to collect shiny teeth for her fortress. That way children can look up and see her fortress sparkle in the night sky. For children’s help in making the fortress, she leaves a shiny coin and a trail of sparkles under their pillow as they sleep.
The best way to keep your teeth shining for the tooth fairy is to make sure you keep them healthy, clean, and cavity free. Brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste. Make sure to give each individual tooth some attention. They are all important. Brush all the surfaces of each tooth. This will usually take two minutes. You can use a timer while you brush. Floss at nighttime and eat healthy foods. Foods, like candy, contain sugar which bad bacteria use to form cavities. The acid in sodas can be especially harmful to teeth. Drink water instead. It is especially important to avoid bad food before bedtime. Toothpaste and water should be the last thing to touch your teeth before you go to bed.

The Tooth Fairy knows no one is perfect. If you do get a cavity, just keep trying to keep the other teeth clean. Don’t give up!
Once a tooth is lost, it is very hard to get it more shiny. Many children will try to clean the teeth. Inevitably, the tooth ends up down the sink drain. So, be very careful. If the lost tooth is lost, the Tooth Fairy will understand. Simply write her a note saying how you lost the tooth and she will use her magic to find it.