My child has a loose tooth!

A child’s first loose tooth is a big deal for kids and parents alike.  The Tooth Fairy Helper Book can guide you through what to expect, from that first wiggly incisor, to the last molar lost.  There are many questions that you as a parent, and your child, are going to have throughout this 5-10 year process.  Will it hurt?  Is this really a baby tooth?  How many teeth will I lose?  When should we see a dentist?  What about the Orthodontist?  The Tooth Fairy Helper can answer all of these commonly asked questions for you and your child.

What about that loose tooth? 

What about that loose tooth?  Usually a tooth will come out on its own.  Kids will wiggle it with their tongue, or bite into their food enough that it will typically fall out on its own. Occasionally, if a tooth hangs on too long, it can cause problems, such as obstructing the eruption of the permanent tooth.  So, in some cases you may get the opportunity to pull your child’s tooth.  When pulling a tooth, remember to wash your hands thoroughly.  Place a piece of gauze or paper towel around the tooth and guide it away from the gum tissue with a slight twist.  There is not much tissue holding a loose tooth in place, so if there is any blood, it will be minimal.  A warm salt water rinse will soothe the area, and a small dose of children’s pain reliever will help with any discomfort.

Smile!  Nothing says childhood like a snuggle-toothed grin. 

Get plenty of photos, that primary tooth will be replaced soon with a big ‘ol permanent one, changing the whole look of your child’s face.  This is a monumental time in both of your lives, and definitely one of the many childhood experience that should be embraced and documented.

Happy Wiggling!

The Tooth Fairy Helper