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Everyone Likes Free Stuff


The Tooth Fairy Helper Knows that you need as much help as you can get.  How about some free stuff.  She has been working with the Fairy dental department to come up with some really useful items.  You can print them off and use them to prepare for the big day when the Tooth Fairy comes.

There is a printable door hanger that your child can use to alert the Tooth Fairy that there is a tooth waiting to be collected.

Print out your very own Tooth Fairy Receipt Book.  The book contains a receipt for each tooth that is lost with a tooth chart to mark the: Name – Date- Age of your  child when the tooth is lost.  There is even an average age shown when the tooth is expected to come out.  Of course each Receipt is signed by the Tooth Fairy.

There is even a Primary Tooth Chart that gives complete details on each tooth!

Get Your Free Door Hanger.

To Alert the Tooth Fairy that a tooth is ready

Printable Tooth Fairy

Receipt Booklet with tooth location chart

Print your Official

Primary Tooth Chart.

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