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A Dual experience book has a children’s side and a parents side.


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Answers to common questions like:  Do I pull my Childs loose tooth? | When should my child loose his first tooth?

  • My child has a loose tooth is it a baby tooth?
  • Is it normal for my child not to have lost a baby tooth yet?
  • Is it normal that my child has lost baby teeth already?

The Tooth Fairy Helper can help you and your child by answering common questions about tooth loss

The Tooth Fairy Helper

We all know that the Tooth Fairy visits children at night when a tooth is lost.  Parents, as Tooth Fairy Helpers, must care for their children’s teeth every day.  “The Tooth Fairy Helper” is two books in one.  This innovative book includes a children’s story as well as a guide to help parents with their children’s dental care.  As a bonus, the book includes “Tooth Fairy Receipts” labeled with the name of each primary tooth and the average age the tooth is expected to be lost.   Authored by Renee Allen Dyken, DMD, MS, an orthodontist and mother of four.  She knows that children may not always believe in the tooth fairy, but they should always believe in their Tooth Fairy Helper.

The Tooth Fairy Helper Book

The Tooth Fairy Helper’s Helper

There some repeating questions I encounter everyday as an orthodontist.  I decided to create a children’s book that relates tooth loss to everyday family activities.  Read the Tooth Fairy Story as you snuggle with your child at bedtime.  Take the time to enjoy each lost tooth as a milestone toward early adulthood.  As a bonus, simply flip the book around for useful information about your child’s teeth and use the included tooth chart to keep track of the dates your child loses her baby teeth.


My niece lost a tooth while visiting Aunt Maggie this week!  I bought this book, and we have read it a dozen times!

Maggie Wells

I got this book to read with my son when he got his first loose tooth.  I was not sure what to expect or how to handle the loose tooth.  The kid side was entertaining for Drew and set up the tooth fairy story with me included.  The parent side fully explained what to anticipate and also has teeth charts to keep track of his future tooth loss.

Thank you Tooth Fairy Helper!

Becca Meyers

Picked this book up for my wife.  She was very concerned about what to expect and what to do.  This book explained it all and my daughter loved the story.

Robert Barnes

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