Let’s talk about the Magic of the Tooth Fairy – 

Your child will lose their primary teeth.  20 of them in most cases.   Each one will probably come with its own story.  “I was eating an apple” “my dad tied a string to my tooth” “I bumped my mouth at the playground” These milestones combined with the mysterious overnight visit from the tooth fairy is a big part of the magic of childhood.  When you’re a kid, it doesn’t take much to make your day.   A dollar under the pillow is a big deal!   This is where the magic of the Tooth Fairy comes to play.
The Tooth Fairy is an age old European tradition that suggests that when a child lost a baby tooth, it was buried to spare the child from hardships in the next life. The Vikings brought along children’s teeth to bring them good luck in battle.  More recently, the child was rewarded when the tooth fell out.  Wow, I am glad traditions change. I don’t want to have to bury them, or carry teeth around for good luck!

Taking on the privilege of playing the role of this winged folk tale is part of your child’s memories.

If you do it right there can be plenty of magical moments.  Of course, we wish this fairy worked daylight hours, us parents get the short end of the stick having to wait up to see that the house is quiet and everyone is asleep.  And who keeps cash on hand anymore?  A run to the ATM is no fun at midnight!  Is an I.O.U. acceptable?  Didn’t this kid just loose a tooth last week?   Every tooth won’t be lost on the most convenient day. but that happy face in the morning and the excitement of having a fairy stop by during the night makes it all worth it!

Don’t worry, when it is all said and done, you can proudly show off that toothless smile on Facebook.

There will be a conversation at work about when these teeth should come out.  A phone call to the grandparents is also in order.  They love to hear everything, I mean everything that goes on in your little angel’s life.  Sometimes that fairy sends some cash from grandma’s house also. (Her tooth fairy pays more usually).  They do grow up so fast, so knowing you orchestrated a little magic, and played a part in a Fairy Tale can be a real satisfaction.  Well, let’s hope so!