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The Tooth Fairy Helper Book

Dual role book. One side is for you child to enjoy, and the other side is for you to learn more about the teeth.

You are almost there.  Your decision to purchase the Tooth Fairy Helper book is a step in the right direction for knowledge of your child’s dental needs.  The Tooth Fairy visits children at night when a tooth is lost.  Parents, as Tooth Fairy Helpers, must care for their children’s teeth every day.  “The Tooth Fairy Helper” is two books in one.  The book includes a children’s story as well as a guide to help parents with their children’s dental care.  As a bonus the book includes “Tooth Fairy Receipts” labeled with the name of each primary tooth and the average age the tooth is expected to be lost.  The book was created by Renee Allen Dyken, DMD, MS, an orthodontist and mother of four.  She knows that children may not always believe in the tooth fairy, but they should always believe in their Tooth Fairy Helper.


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